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Get Your Music Heard

FitXR classes are enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. Submit your music for the chance to be included in future FitXR workouts.

Get Paid For Your Creativity

We’ll pay you for each music track that we use.

Help Make Movement Fun

Music and exercise go together like two chords in the same key. Help people live a healthier life by creating music that makes them want to exercise again and again.

How It Works

Please only submit your music if it fits the following criteria:

  1. 100% original — You must own and control 100% of the copyright in both the composition and master recording of the music (no covers, no reworks/remixes). If any samples have been used, all must be royalty-free or permission from the original artist given.
  2. Format — Music tracks must be submitted in WAV format and must be professionally mixed and mastered.
  3. Genre — Most genres will be considered however rock, metal, drum and bass, afro beats, techno, EDM, Disco/NuDisco and house music is of particular interest. As music will be used in fitness games, classical music or music without drums will not be considered.
  4. Free of explicit content — We do not accept any music that contains swearing or sexual, political or religious content.
  5. Constant BPM — We only accept music that has the same constant beats-per-minute from start to finish, within the range of 80-180bpm.
  6. Track length — Your music track should be between 2 minutes and 6 minutes long.
  7. Vocals — Tracks featuring vocals or vocal samples are preferred.

Upload Your Music

Upload your tracks to our secure and private Google Drive via the form at the bottom of this page, where they will only be accessible by FitXR.

We’ll review all the tracks and, if they are selected to be used in a FitXR product, we’ll get in touch to discuss terms of use and payment.

All other music files will be deleted within 30 days of submission.