Frida Hudson-Persson (also known as Frida Labeija) has been making her way through NYC as a professional dancer for 12 years and has been teaching and sharing her love for choreography at different schools and gyms across the globe. She has been a member of the Royal House of Labeija (the first ever ballroom house) for over 10 years, and her main vogue category is Old-way.

Frida's dance classes are full of high-energy encouragement, and her personal mantra is "If there is no way, I will make one".

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Our Mission

To redefine fitness and prove that exercise can be fun and for everyone. We believe in a future where exercise is everywhere.

Whether that is the gym, the park, or at home - is enhanced through engaging technology that extends your reality.

How We Play

We are joined by eight guiding principles that enables us to be the best version of FitXR for our community and culture.


Deliver Greatness


Every Player Matters


Learn Everyday


Stronger Together


Community First


Build the Future


Explore, Measure, Adapt


Think, Don't Overthink

How We Power Your Success


Unlimited Leave

We know this can be easy to say and hard to live. We encourage frequent breaks and have active social channels to share your stories.


Remote First

We’ve created a remote-first culture that continues to strive to support working balances for all. You’ll have a fixed budget to set up your home office as you need.


Wellbeing Budget

We're here to support your active and healthy lifestyle, just as we do for our members. You’ll receive a monthly wellbeing allowance, and have access to some of the best health and wellbeing services.


Learn Every Day

You’ll receive an annual learning budget from day one which you can use on resources to develop you professionally and personally.


Life Events

Our family playbook supports inclusive practices and enhanced leave for almost all circumstances. We've got your backwhen life happens!


Culture Matters

You can expect to be immersed into our culture from the moment you enter the application process. We obsess about our mission, and hope you will too!