I love being able to get a cardio workout in anytime anyplace. No need to travel to a gym! Best part, working out with friends no matter where we are!

FitXR allows me to play and get fit while the kids are away at school. I also get cool points for using our Quest!

I just recovered from having my son and needed a workout that was fun! FitXR gave me that. Makes me excited to get up and work out everyday!

My 9 year old turned me on to FitXR, and this has given me the drive to keep healthy, keep motivated, and keep going. Now, my son and I enjoy FitXR everyday!

I have been using FitXR since December 2021. In that time I have lost about 60lbs.

I get bored with most exercise but I really look forward to a 15 minute bout of FitXR boxing. Since the first Covid lockdown, it’s kept me moving (and I’ve lost 14lbs).

FitXR looks a lot like the future of fitness.

With FitXR you’re able to get that same type of intensity, that same type of workout [you could get at a gym], in the metaverse.

Compete for the high score while getting a great sweat on. (Rated Best VR Fitness Game)

If dancing and HIIT are more up your speed, you’ll love FitXR.