Company Fact Sheet

Developer FitXR
Founding Date September 2016
Founders Sam Cole and Sameer Baroova
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Company Description

We are creating an ecosystem of at-home fitness products that motivate, reward and guide users through professionally designed workouts delivered in VR and AR.

Our first product, BOXVR, has been described as ‘Guitar Hero crossed with a studio boxing workout’. 

Many users are calling it the best fitness app on the market and it has been awarded "VR Fitness Game of the Year". BOXVR is currently one of the top selling apps on the Oculus and Steam stores. 

With its broad appeal, it is dragging new people into VR and selling headsets.

Our History

The very first time Sam and Sameer met, while studying together, they discussed how virtual and augmented reality could completely transform entire industries and change many people’s lives.  They both agreed that gyms were inherently boring and often uninspiring places and immersive fitness content could not only inspire and motivate but also provide better guidance. 

Sameer, had 15 years experience in the video gaming industry, often on games using frontier hardware. Whether it was heading Pop Cap’s mobile division and launching titles such as Bejewelled or Plants vs. Zombies, or running content curation for the GameStick. Sam, came from a completely different world, having spent his entire career in finance. 

The two founded FitXR in September 2016 and now have a small, passionate team helping to achieve their vision 

Our Goals

Create exercise experiences that deliver robust fitness results using immersive and highly engaging games.

We want to build experiences that are so compelling that people completely forget they are exercising. 




Rhythm-Based Virtual Boxing Inspired Workouts.
Punch out to our regularly updated routines, upload your own music and train to your own beat, or test your stamina in our endless mode!
BOXVR brings high intensity, boxing inspired workouts to virtual reality.


  • WORKOUT – Our team of leading fitness instructors produce a variety of regularly updated boxing workouts, specifically designed to destroy calories.
  • TRAIN – Upload your own music (mp3 & wav) to generate a tailored boxing workout.
  • SURVIVE – What happens when you combine our effective workouts into an endless mode? Our toughest mode yet – who can last the longest?

Awards and Recognition

  • Best VR Fitness Game Of The Year 2017 - VR Fitness Insider
  • Best VR Boxing Fitness Game Of The Year 2017 - VR Fitness Insider
  • Best VR Cardio Fitness Game Of The Year 2017 - VR Fitness Insider
  • Top Selling App on Oculus Store - January 2018
  • 4.5 Star Rating from 78 Oculus reviews - January 2018
  • Top 5 Top Selling App on Steam - January 2018
  • 96% Positive Reviews On Steam from 135 Reviews - January 2018



User Reviews

  • Bloodbunny - “I absolutely love this. VR has been good for me as far as getting me of my butt and this game makes it even better as it gets me moving, sweating even.”
  • FastLawyer - “This is bar none, the best workout VR game… the workouts are amazing”
  • KJAYE - “I haven't missed a day's training since I bought it.. I’ve just completed 50 hours of gameplay”
  • Irish - “If you're looking to lose weight, this game may just change your life.”
  • iDavros - “So far this is by far the best workout game I have played! The each set is designed perfectly with the music and is very satisfying to box through.”
  • Greyman - “My partner and I have each lost 10+ pounds using this game. Highly recommended.”
  • Freakfire - “I don't really like exercising but BoxVR (more than other rhythm/ exercise apps) makes it a blast.”
  • ShabbyPenguin - “Hands down one of my favorite VR titles. It’s a blast working out jamming to your favorite music”
  • Snooch - “Wow! Writing this as my currently trying to dry from sweating so much. VR and games like this are exactly what I need to exercise. It makes it fun enough that I actually want to do it.”
  • Attackarack - “BOXVR is one of the best workout games I've ever seen. Recommended for anyone interested in a workout that doesn't feel like a chore!”
  • Checkers - “Time flies playing this, devs are super active and is the best game out there in its style on the market.”
  • TommyPickles - “The most fun I've had working out... probably ever!”
  • ChristianHolmes - “Finally an exercise game that doesn't feel like exercise!.. This game is an absolute blast to play… It is so much better than any class at the gym. “
  • SoulARM - “This is THE BEST workout game I've ever played. My wife, who never wants to exercise or play any game, gets addicted to this game aswell”



Team and Repeating Collaborators

Design, Biz Dev, Development Sam Cole
Sameer Baroova
Development Zsolt Marx
Richard Bang
Alexis Sabatovich
Workout Instructors
(Photos Available Here)
Fitness Advisor Adam Lazarus