VR Fitness - The Workout Revolution

VR fitness games are changing how people workout.

Gone are the days where the only way to get a professional workout from a top fitness instructor was by paying for an expensive group class or private PT.

Through VR fitness games like BoxVR, you can now access workouts from London and New York City’s leading fitness professionals outside of traditional gym studios.

Whether it’s from the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or where ever you find yourself with a bit of spare time, BoxVR gives you the ability to have a professional workout without the gym.

VR Fitness Instructors - BoxVR

Rise of the Virtual Gym

More and more people are working out from home, and it’s easy to see why.

For a start, fitness studios can be an intimidating place, even for regulars. But by being in charge of where and when you workout, it's easier to fit exercise in around life's commitments.

This flexibility means you're more likely to get a regular sweat on and make consistent progress on your fitness journey. Plus the time saved from not having to travel to and from the gym quickly adds up.

VR fitness games are now making it even easier to workout away from traditional fitness studios.

Simply slip on your gym kit, switch on your VR headset and let BoxVR transport you to a virtual gym of your choice. Its vibrant graphics, uplifting music and fully immersive experience gives an instant buzz and encourages you to work your hardest.

The Best VR Fitness Game

BoxVR is a boxing-inspired VR fitness game that’s designed to get you fit while having fun, whatever your fitness level.

Choreographed by professional instructors, BoxVR’s high-intensity routines will have you jab, weave, and uppercut your way through workouts in time to pumping music tracks. Whether it’s a short 3-minute calorie destroyers or a 40+ minute endurance workouts, BoxVR has the VR fitness workout for you.

BoxVR makes keeping track of your progress easy too, as it records every workout and calorie burned, helping you keep on top of your training and stay motivated. The perfect workout partner.

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