Timing & Hit Detection on Oculus Quest

Hey Champs,

We’ve been receiving a lot of your feedback through our social channels and reviews of BoxVR on Quest regarding what many believe to be tracking issues. If you are noticing loss of tracking or erratic movement of controllers, we recommend following this link to get official support. The most common factor we’ve seen in these tracking issue reports is the hit detection of uppercuts and hooks.

Thanks to all the people who have come to us reporting problems hitting these types of cues. We have run multiple tests and have come to the conclusion that this is more of a timing issue with hitting hooks and uppercuts rather than handling of tracking of the controllers. Please see the video below of one of these tests, where we played through ‘Thunderstruck’, one of the higher intensity workouts that we provide:

The aim of the video is to show that when we hit the cues alongside the beat of the music (rather than trying to follow the leading rings) that we are successful while we would have to be considerably out of sync with the music to miss these certain cues. Which leads us to another conclusion: We don’t inform you well enough on how to successfully hit these cues. While there is a Tutorial in BoxVR, it isn’t a one-to-one comparison to how workouts are played out when you are actually in a Class and the necessary timing that is needed to successfully achieve a true hit on the uppercuts and hooks. As we move forward we aim to improve upon this, to reduce the amount of frustration that players can experience, especially as you first join in and try BoxVR.

We appreciate the feedback we have been receiving over the last couple of weeks, and understand now where our shortcomings are in regards to these timing and hit-detection problems, and understand that it is on us to help you, so that you can continue to have fun and reach the goals you set for yourself.