BoxVR Quest Launch and Leaving Early Access

Hey Champs,

It’s been a very busy time here at FitXR HQ as we launched the PlayStation VR version of BoxVR two weeks ago, while also preparing for the launch of the Oculus Quest on May 21st. These versions mark the true vision we had for BoxVR from the very beginning - blending fitness with the fun of gaming, combined with a wide variety of music.

These versions wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our Early Access community who have been using BoxVR on the PC, both on Steam and Oculus, who have helped us form this vision through playing and testing BoxVR and providing us with valuable feedback (you even get a mention in the credits!) With that in mind, we will be updating the PC platform to match what is currently available on PSVR - that means new environments to train in, 110 audio tracks in total to workout to and use in the My Workouts mode, reworked workouts plus 15 brand new workouts, all of which will be available for use in Multiplayer.

A progression of our menus and UI throughout Early Access and release

On May 21st, as well as launching the Oculus Quest version, we will be updating the PC versions and exiting them out of Early Access. This is a big moment for FitXR and we hope for you to. With the exit from Early Access, this also means the current price of BoxVR will be changing to reflect the finished state. The Steam and Oculus versions of BoxVR will be priced at $29.99 USD (£24.99 GBP, other regions may vary) starting May 21st, so if you’ve had your eye on BoxVR for some time, picking it up before that time will get you the current Early Access price.

On top of that, if you already own BoxVR on the Oculus Store and are planning to purchase an Oculus Quest system, we’ve got you covered. BoxVR on the Oculus platform will be part of their cross-buy initiative, which means if you have bought or plan on buying BoxVR in the future, you will only have to pay $0 to have BoxVR available on the Oculus Quest. That’s right, nothing extra, nada. Just make sure you link your Oculus Quest to the same account you previously purchased BoxVR with and after setting up your new Quest, you’ll find BoxVR waiting for you in your library.

As said at the beginning, it’s been a very busy and sometimes tough couple of months for us at FitXR as we worked on enhancing BoxVR to make it the place to be for VR Fitness enthusiasts and gamers looking for a good workout. Thank you especially to our dedicated community who have communicated with us over the last two years as we worked towards this goal, we look forward to bringing in a bunch of new Champs and continuing to hear from you all.

A side by side comparison of the Gym in BoxVR Early Access and the Day Gym from BoxVR Full Release