Hands-On With BoxVR: Can VR Replace The Traditional Gym?

"I was super impressed by BOX VR.  I was a little sceptical at first, thinking I would feel restricted by the weight of the headset and being tethered to a computer, but I didn’t even notice when I was playing.  During the 3 minute sequence, I was visually guided to left hook, right hook, straight punch and uppercut as well as duck and change stance.  It was seriously intense.  Every 30 seconds or so there was a short rest bite, following the protocol of HiiT (High-intensity interval training) that has been scientifically proven to get faster results. After I removed the Vive, I was feeling the same rush as I do after a Body Combat class. In fact, from a resting heartbeat of 71BPM, I measured 156BPM after just 3 minutes.  I was also impressed that it did not require a large footprint.  One issue with watching workout videos at home is the space certain workouts can require.  BOX VR has obviously been designed for people with small spaces in mind."

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