Our Workouts

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Workouts for Everybody

Whether you're looking for a short 3-minute calorie-destroyer or a stamina building 60-minute marathon, we've got the VR fitness class for you.

To help you choose the perfect one, we've graded our workouts by their intensity.

Choose from low-intensity workouts - perfect for honing your punch technique - to our ultra-intense workouts - for when you're feeling confident and really want to get a sweat on.

You can also see whether the workout includes squats (pick one that does for maximum burn).


Find Your Perfect Workout

We’ve split our workouts into two groups - under 30 minutes and over 30 minutes - and, as found in BoxVR, have ordered them by length. Just scroll along to find your desired class.


Workouts under 30 minutes
When you want a quick sweat


Workouts over 30 minutes
When you want to build endurance


Meet Our Instructors

From London to New York City, we’ve carefully built a team of expert fitness instructors to choreograph our workouts and ensure maximum results.